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Exclusive: Tour The Minimalist Home Where We Photographed Harry Styles

When you think of the comforts of home, it all comes down to the feeling you have in a given place. It’s just not four walls and hallways lined with decades of family photos. The feeling can be found anywhere if you let it. And that’s exactly what Harry Styles’s new album, Harry’s House, is all about.

When it comes to creating a space that evokes feelings of comfort and peace, renowned British designer John Pawson seems to have mastered the art. His country home nestled in the rolling hills of rural England is a newly converted farming estate—aptly name Home Farm—that dates back more than 400 years, to 1610. The designer is known for his signature minimalism and paid careful attention to every design decision on the property—even down to sourcing felled Elm trees for the kitchen floors to compliment the original timber elements.

Harry Styles Shares the Meaning Behind His New Album
Landscape photo of a tree, a pond, and a cottage

Photograph of Harry Styles wearing a cape

The designer took on this massive renovation and restoration project with his wife, Catherine, who studied at the Inchbald School of Design and Colefax and Fowler. Instead of painted walls and ceilings, the Pawsons opted for lime plaster, which gives a soft, almost suede effect to the tidy spaces. The simple lines and clutter-free aesthetic create a welcoming ambiance that allows the couple, their two sons, and their guests to feel right at home.

Den with minimalist, natural furniture and finishes

Credit: Photo by Tim Walker

The 24-acre property is home to barns, sheds, an old farmhouse, and a hayloft. And while all of the buildings were all a little different, Pawson used humble materials including brick, stone, wood, stainless steel, and lime wash to create his signature harmonious style.

Room with traditional woodstove in corner

Photograph of Harry Styles next to a fence

In March 2020, the couple completed the five-year project, just in time to hunker down as the pandemic hit and really get to know the property. Home Farm also served as the backdrop for their second cookbook, Home Farm Cooking. The cookbook features 100 of their favorite dishes starring food that’s made from seasonal produce—much of which is grown on the property—intended to be shared and enjoyed year-round.

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Harry Styles on the June 2022 cover of Better Homes & Gardens


Photos By Tim Walker
Stylist Harry Lambert at Bryant Artists   
Makeup Artist Ammy Drammeh at Bryant Artists 
Hair Stylist Matt Mulhall at Streeters
Manicurist Lauren Michelle Pires at Future Rep 
Production LG Studio   
Photo Assistant Antonio Perricone 
Digital Operator Tony Ivanov
Styling Assistants Ryan Wohlgemut, Naomi Phillips, Neve Randall
Producer Laura Galligan
Production Coordinator Camilla Lewis

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